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How to Get Free IRS Audit Defense Protection

When I started working in 2003, I did all my own taxes with Turbotax. My tax situation was simple, I could use the free edition, and it took all of about an hour to complete. I did that for years until I ran my business and needed to hire a bookkeeper and an accountant. Now, […]

How to Get Preapproved for a Chase Credit Card

Chase has some of the best credit cards on the market right now. But there’s just one catch – you need to have pretty good credit. Technically, you need good or excellent credit to get it. Experian says a good credit score is a credit score above 700. An excellent credit score is when your […]

NBKC Bank: High Interest Bank Account with No Minimums, Fees

Banks are boring. You deposit money, it earns a little bit of interest (if you pick an online bank), and hopefully, you don’t lose it all because of fees. (We all remember the debacle of banks re-ordering transactions to maximize overdraft fees!) More and more banks are now going the route of being good financial […]

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