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5 Common Myths About Renter’s Insurance (#3 Might Scare You)

Years ago, when we had a lot of friends living in downtown Baltimore, they’d routinely get their cars broken into. It got so bad for one of my friends that she left her car unlocked with a note telling potential thieves that it was unlocked (and empty). It was cheaper than replacing broken windows all […]

How to Prevent Your Packages Being Stolen over the Holidays

Package theft is a huge problem around the holidays. It’s so huge that police in New Jersey have teamed up with Amazon to deliver “fake” packages with real GPS transponders. They’re doing it areas with a lot of package theft and it’s designed to catch “porch pirates.” Porch pirates are thieves who steal packages off […]

TD Bank Promotions: Up to $300 in Sign-up Bonus Offers

Are you in the market for a checking account and considering TD Bank? They’d like to sweeten the deal for you with a pair of checking account promotions that are among the richest we’ve seen for a checking account. The terms are fairly simple for both – open an account and receive direct deposits. The […]

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