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Term Life Insurance Is Way Better Than Whole Life Insurance

When I met with our financial advisor, one of the first things she suggested was to get term life insurance‚Ķnot whole life insurance. Term. She also suggested I get them from different insurance companies. What’s funny is that it was the same advice I once received from our business accountant. It was one of our […]

10 Best Free Budgeting Software Tools

Do you know how you spend your money? Not too long ago, your only option was to purchase similar budgeting software like Quicken. But what if you don’t have extra cash to spend on software to watch your cash? That’s when getting free budget software can be very useful. They may not have all the […]

FamZoo Review: Prepaid Cards to Help Teach Kids Financial Responsibility

Teaching children about money can get complicated. Trying to decide how many piggy banks they should have for saving, spending, giving, what money goes where, and monitoring their spending can be quite a chore. What if you could just give your children prepaid cards, completely control how they are used, not have to worry about […]

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