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Newest Articles

How We Manage Our Money & Finances as Full-Time Digital Nomads

“Digital nomad.” The term instantly conveys something super unique, doesn’t it? Traveling the world without a care in the world. Seeing new places every week and hopping on a plane, train, or automobile to the next exotic destination. My wife and I are digital nomads. We travel the country full-time in our Airstream RV and […]

How to Avoid Common NelNet Servicing Problems

In our in our reviews and analyses of the various student loan servicing organizations, we found servicing problems to be common across the board. These include misapplied payments, reporting credit delinquencies on payments that have actually been made, provision of inaccurate information, and impairing debtor’s chances of participating in income based repayment plans and debt […]

Best Free Checking Accounts – September 2018

Did you hear about how Bank of America was going to start charging a monthly fee if an account didn’t have maintain a $1,500 minimum balance or have a monthly direct deposit of $250 or more? Personally, I don’t understand the moral outrage (actually I do, it’s to sell pageviews because it’s popular to slam […]

7 Modern Ways to Pay Back Your Friends

Every New Years, we rent a vacation house with friends from college. We get one of those big 12-bedroom vacation homes, fill it with food, games, adult beverages, kid beverages, and then we spend 3-4 days celebrating another year gone by. When we started, there were no kids. Now there are close to a dozen! […]

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